Tuesday, September 1, 2009


KOCHERLA IS THE VILLAGE TOWN ON THE ROAD CONNECTING THE KAREMPUDI VINUKONDA ROUTE. THIS PLACE IS 10 KMS AWAY FROM VINUKONDA. Upparapalem the vilage of Rohini's father in law is about 4 kms from Kocherla. At the side road to upparapalem in the small village town of Kocherla is located the Ankamma Devatha temple. The Mandal is Epuru.
The temple of Ankamma Devatha has an adjacent temple of sister of Ankamma devatha. On the Pournima day on May 10, 2009 I visited this temple as father in law of Rohini invited me. i went from Chirala along with Hari ( now completed 1 yr. BSc Compue sicence) . Early morning I prayed to our Kula devatha Ankamma devatha at Epurupalem then started to Narasarao peta. From there we proceeded to Vinukonda and then took an auto rikshaw to kocherla. There was huge rush at the temple as it was a special occassion of Thirunalla of Ankamma devatha. many peo-le are still cutting Bali of goats and some hens and a few even the small oxen (only one or two) on the road opposite to the temple. After praying to the Godess for the blessings to my daughter and soninlaw and for their happy married life, for the blessings to get a male child and then to my family my sons and my wife health and change in the mind set of thinking I proceeded to Upparapalem village. By 2 pm we reached upparaplalem, had some prasadam as lunch with goat meat as ammavari prasadam. Then by 4 pm started back to Hyderabad. Ravi is also there in Upparapalem. Then back to home by 11 pm in the night.

My village name epurupalem appears to be derived from Epuru madalam and the family Godess Ankamma devatha is also seems to be the godess Ankamma devatha at kocherla. My father used to tell me that my grand grand fathers have come from long a distance as there was famile and no drinking water at the place where they were earlier. He could not give me any further details. Probably it may this Epuru Mandalam area. Hari has been telling me all the way during journey.

Praise to Ankamma thalli and prayers to mother to bless my children and my family.
sarvejana sukhinobhavanthu.

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