Sunday, September 6, 2009


Air force station for air to air missiles is located near Bapatla sea coast SuryaLanka.  This is about 4 kms. from Bapatla Clock tower area.  Tempos run during peak hours and they charge 6 rupees. I could not enter into the Airforce area for I didnot carry my ID card and I donot have any contact with airforce employees over there.

The idea to visit this palce came because one of my office person (Shri Rajendra Prasad) told me that he visited Surya Lanka that is close to my village Epurupalem.  From Epurupalem, during one of my week end visits to see my parents, I went for a morning walk upto my village high school then, took auto to Bapatla around 6:30 am.  The auto fellow told me where to get the next auto for Surya Lanka.  the second auto for surya lanka is in the side road not visible on the main (GT Road).  Suryalanka beach  is smaller than Chirala vodarevu and no people around.  I returned back in the same auto, as autos are not so frequent because of lack of customers.

It is a nice place. but you have to find some acquaintance to go inside the airforce base residential area as it is having security and closed gates.

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