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Monday, August 17, 2009

The shivalinga in Draksharamam temple is 14 feet high and in the ground floor we will have darshan of the Shivalinga with Panavattam and in the second floor about 4 feet high top portion is seen. I waited for that night as I wanted to perform the ABISHEKAM which is done only in the morning hours. Next day morning I took the poja samagri and a archaka bhraman / poojari. Luckily this poojario was already explaining to t a group of 5 people about the various parts of the temple, so, I joined with them. when we reached Main deity the abhishekam was performed on the name of my daughter and son-in-law. I prayed to the lord severally to give them good health, wealth, prospority, happy married life and a son with good qualities.

My plan to visit the temples this saturday and sunday is fruitful and I retruned to vijayawada by bus. There I met my brother for a short time in the bus stand as he contacted me over cell phone. My brother was going to sullurupet by bus from vijayawada. I returned home hyderabad by 11 pm. Next day morning Monday as usual I hurried for the morning meting at 9 am as I have to perform the duties of officiating T


  1. Ande Murali Garu best wishes from this Karanam Murali (Prasad) Having gone for job to Mumbai in 1971 immdtly after my Univ edn in Vizag I could not see all these places which are really great I was religious since my school days being the lone teen in 60plus elders in discourses in Sankaramatam etc but could not get satisfied religiously in Mumbai as our Telugu type of discourses (Hari Kathas) are absent there. I was greatly enchanted visiting Vajreswari Renukamba Temple in Vajreswari off Vasai Road Rly Stn Mumbai. Siddhi Vinayak Temple is always busy hence I used to sit in Prabhadevi temple near by. Mahalakshmi Temple Shirdi & nearby temples etc are also a great experience. Now it seems meditation is also one that charges one's self.

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